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You hold the key as to how you want to project your brand to the world while we work hand in hand in generating desired results. Encapsulate your brand in a tailor-made yet stunning visual form.

Below are just a few successful projects that our team has taken on.

Latest from the Blog


3 ways logo designers use colours to their advantage in web design

Have you ever looked at a website and cringed? It was so poorly put together that you wanted it off immediately, even though you desperately needed their products. The colours didn’t work, the layout didn’t work, and everything clashed. It was a train wreck and you were just one customer of the many who exit …

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5 Tips to Winning a Proposal as a Graphic Designer

When you’re a graphic designer working for a business or company, work appears in your tray and you take care of it. it’s a constant and steady flow of work that will keep you busy for 40 hours, if not more, per week. But what happens when you go out on your own? How do …

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5 Ways to Create Nostalgia With Your Company Logo Design

It becomes obvious to anyone who pays attention that most trends do a full circle. For example, the fluorescent tones of clothing in the 1980s were a huge part of the current fashion trend, but slowly died down for the double-denims of the 1990s. By 2009 they were back again, with every second person donning some …

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Frequently asked questions

In case we weren’t able to answer you particular question or concern, please contact us and we will get back to you right away.

Is ownership of the logo supplied?

Yes. Once the design has been approved and finalised, all ownership, copyright, and trademark will be supplied to you or your business. We will not retain any copyright or trademark of any logo or charge any licensing fees for said use.

Do you provide unlimited design revisions?

We will initially provide 6 design studies. Once you’ve chosen a design, we can do unlimited revisions until the logo looks exactly the way you envisioned it, we will keep on modifying it.

If there are revisions, how much does it cost?

It's FREE of charge. Unlimited revisions won't cost you a cent unless you opt for a complete redesign in the middle of the project.

How long does it take to design a logo?

The initial concept turnaround will be provided within 3 working days.

What is the format of the logo deliverables?

The standard package includes web-friendly formats in Web, print, and vector files.

Do you provide which font and color codes?

Yes and yes. For the font, we will supply you with it if the font is available. However, if it is a licensed font or it's not in used, then we can't. As for the color codes, we provide our clients hexadecimal color codes that can also be matched with Pantone color codes.

What are the terms of payment?

We accept Paypal payments for now. We would love to offer other options in the future.

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Tired of template logo designs that do not represent your brand?

Tired of dealing with agencies that prioritise speed over quality?

The team at Logo Delish can help! We create delicious logos by;

  • • Providing you a fully interactive design experience that places quality, creativity and originality above all else
  • • Avoiding template and cookie-cutter designs completely – everything is 100% customised
  • • Building our team with professional, qualified logo designers only
  • • Understanding that feedback and revision are critical elements of the design process – we place no limits on the amount of change you can request before handover

Are you interested in an original and real logo for your business? Click that BUY NOW button to get started!